Wiesława Ruta, visual artist based in Poland. (MSc at University of Szczecin, BA degree at PJATK Warsaw at New Media Art Department 2019)

Wiesława Ruta
fot. Karolina Machowicz

Strongly associated with the Polish independent music scene, hence her natural creative path as a visual artist is creating music videos for bands from Poland such as: Dynasonic, Lotto, and foreign such as Squid, Sofie Birch. Interested in experimenting with different film techniques and looking for common areas of film and music language. Interested in creative process itself, during creating tries to open the way to chance and error to get the results completely unpredictable by her. Her research in the field of film language is especially inspired by the avant-garde of the early twentieth century, especially the search for absolute film in Weimar Republic.

Present at many festivals incl. ShortWaves, Etiuda&Anima, Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), Punto y Raya Festival, Linoleum Festival, Animateka, PIAFF Paris Animated Film Festival. In 2020, her film "Seventh pressings" won the Second Prize at the O!PLA Polish Animated Film Festival in the Formanima Category. In 2021 her film "Broadcaster" made to the music of Squid Band took the Main Award in the Music Video Category at Paris International Animation Film Festival. In 2023 her film "Observatory" made to the music of Sofie Birch got Special Mention in Music Category at Paris International Animation Film Festival and First Award in Formanimy category at O!PLA Polish Animated Film Festival.